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Insanity League

Dodge Every Ability

A League of Legends script will automatically detect and display incoming attacks, allowing you to easily dodge them without any manual clicks.

All Champions

No matter what champion you play, a League of Legends cheat can perform all combos while you focus on the game. It also does the Auto Smite, Auto Ignite, Auto Heal…

Insanity League

Choose your tier

Download our LoL script. This is the best lol script on the market , free of risk & completely undetected. Our script have multiple features, including OrbWalking, Evade & Auto-CS.#1 Our evade script will make you win all your ranked games, and we have not had a single ban since we released!

The best gaming League script ever made: You get 6 awesome lol scripts bot features to dodge and evade all spells and boost your elo with lol scripting !

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LoL script

A LoL script is a League of Legends script used to automate in-game actions with a third-party software. These private League of Legends scripts can be used to execute precise combos with champions and enhance map awareness, giving players an unfair advantage over their opponents.

In addition, LoL scripts can be used to dodge all champion abilities using scripting languages that interact with both the game client and server.

Why Do People Use League of Legends Cheats?

Many players turn to League of Legends cheats because they are frustrated with AFK players and trolls, they want to improve their gameplay and win their ranked games. Improving gameplay is essential to rank up on League of Legends external scripts.

One way to achieve this is by using the right League scripts. However, it’s important to note that using cheats is against Riot Games terms of service and can lead to severe penalties, including permanent bans.

Therefore, it’s recommended that players choose their script very wisely.
We advice you to use safe and paid script LoL versions.

Setting up a league scripting program to cheat in League of Legends can take as little as a few minutes. Follow the instructions provided and you will understand how to Lol script free download and configure your League of Legends hack.

After the League of Legends scripts download, you will see that Lol cheats can help you boosting your in-game mechanics and macro gameplay. It will make you more comfortable when playing and give you more focus on other things than auto attacks and combos. It also shows many useful elements on your map.

InsanityLeague Script is the best LoL scripting provider you can trust for a safe experience.

Safe Features


Evade helps you dodge all spells opponents sends towards you. You don't even have to do anything!


Predicting where the enemy will move, making it easier to hit skillshots!


Helps with your last hits and attacks while you move. Lots of tweaks possible.

Target Selector

Ability to choose which enemy champion you want to focus in teamfights and general fighting.


Hold down 'SPACE' and we will do the rest. Uses your skills to carry out combinations of attacks for you.

Drawings 4K

Visual functions, drawing on the screen of noticed wards, attack radius of various units, movement of opponents on the minimap and many other little things.

Safer, faster, at the best quality

Basic LoL Scripts

InsanityLeague Script

Insanity League

No clicks are Evaded

League of Legends can be a challenging game when it comes to avoiding enemy abilities. That is where InsanityLeague comes in, offering one of the most effective hacks to help you evade spells without having to perform any manual clicks on your part.

Insanity League

Predict Movement

Our advanced prediction feature allows you to accurately anticipate the trajectory of hostile characters, making it easier for you to follow their movements. The purpose of this function is to ensure that your actions are always in sync with the dynamics of the game.
Insanity League

Premium OrbWalker

Premium League of Legends script enhances the last-hitting and attacking capabilities while on the move. Designed for high-skilled players who do not have extensive training, it is the ideal solution. There are numerous customization options available so that you can tailor your playstyle to suit your needs.

Target Tracker

Take complete control of the target selection priority in your league script. Ensure that your attacks and skills are directed precisely where you desire them to be, maximizing your impact in every situation.

Combos & Tricks

Our LoL scripts make use of champion skills to execute devastating attack combinations on your behalf. All of these scripts are designed to optimize the logic and tactics of your champions, providing you with an arsenal of valuable tips and tricks. The process of setting them up is straightforward.

High Quality Display

Visual LoL script features include on-screen illustrations of detected wards, enemy cooldown tracking, attack radius information for different units, and opponent movement tracking on the minimap. You stay one step ahead and climb the ranks smoothly by paying attention to these details.

Delays Menu

Ensure that the timing between actions performed by the League of Legends hack is finely tuned to give your gameplay a more human appearance. By ensuring that your actions appear natural and legitimate, you will reduce the risk of your account being banned.


The LoL Script performs specific actions for you automatically. With it, summoner spells such as Auto Smite, Auto QSS, Auto Heal, Auto Ignite, and Auto Wards can be activated automatically, making gameplay smoother.


Easily customize your experience with additional settings such as color preferences, menu item transparency, and language selection. The tools available to you are designed to help you customize the League of Legends script to fit your style.

Config System

Save your scripting settings in the configuration so you don’t have to reconfigure them every time you play. Even sharing your config with other players creates a script enthusiast community.

League of Legends Undetected Script that is reliable

League of Legends cheating has significant risks. However, we have made significant efforts to make our best scripts for league safe and secure, ensuring that they are highly unlikely to be detected and banned. Our League of Legends script is optimized for fast ranking and skill improvement, even though no cheat can guarantee complete immunity, especially at higher ranks.

Risks and consequences of using League of Legends cheat.

It is essential to acknowledge that the use of cheats in League of Legends carries a significant risk. Upon being caught, you may face an account ban that prevents you from accessing the game on that account. Additionally, a hardware ban may be imposed, which prevents you from playing on any device in the future. Creating new accounts won’t protect you from bans.

With InsanityLeague Script, you can improve your skills without risking your primary account or incurring the wrath of Riot. Our priority is your safety while helping you reach new levels in the game.

Why Do People Script in League of Legends?

Many players use scripts in League of Legends for a variety of reasons. Among the most common reasons for playing is to improve their gameplay and to increase their chances of winning. LoL, scripts automate tasks like dodging skill shots and landing skills, giving players an edge. Particularly appealing is this feature for those who have difficulty performing such tasks or aim to attain rapid advancement.

Furthermore, players may script their performances to demonstrate their abilities or impress others. Scripts enable advanced maneuvers like instant flash or perfect kiting that would be very challenging to execute manually. Players are able to make these actions appear more skilled than they actually are, which can lead to admiration and recognition from their fellow gamers.

Hacks for League of Legends: Unlocking Victory

Similarly to any other player, you strive to achieve success in League of Legends. The free League of Legends hacks will help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. It is not sufficient to boost your account or experiment with new champions to achieve success. League of Legends free cheats provide you with the capabilities and features you need to truly dominate.

What Is the Best LoL Script?

Numerous providers offer similar-quality LoL script software, but detecting them is of paramount importance. We at InsanityLeague Script only provide safe and secure cheats for League of Legends. The quality and reliability of our products are of the utmost importance to us in order to ensure a superior user experience.

Our developers work tirelessly to ensure that our scripts are as secure as possible. Utilizing cutting-edge bypass methods, we guarantee a secure playing environment where you can feel free to play. With our scripts, you will have the benefit of having brilliant artificial intelligence or a bot playing on your behalf.

How to Get a Free LoL Script?

There is a significant risk attached to using free scripts in League of Legends. Scripting is illegal according to Riot Games’ policies, and using free LoL scripts could compromise your device’s security and expose your personal information.

If you wish to enjoy a safe cheating experience, we strongly advise you to invest in a paid LoL script like InsanityLeague Scrip. By investing in a reliable LoL script, you can prevent your account from being banned, as well as enjoy the full benefits of cheating.

Cheating in League of Legends: Enhancing Your Gameplay

Our League of Legends cheats are continuously being improved to make them more effective in ranked matches. By using cheats or hacks in LoL, players are provided with a significant advantage, which allows them to improve their skills and increase their chances of winning. With InsanityLeague Script, you will be able to take advantage of the best features and enjoy a seamless, unmatched League of Legends cheating experience.

Using InsanityLeague Script will allow you to manage AFK players effectively if you commonly encounter them during your matches.

League of Legends cheats continue to be controversial due to the unfair advantage they confer. However, players looking to enhance their gameplay and increase their chances of winning might find cheats attractive. The League of Legends hack we provide widely used by players who are seeking an advantage in ranked matches.

InsanityLeague Script incorporates advanced features that assist players in achieving quick advancements and securing victories. Explicitly designed to assist players when their teammates are absent and avoid common gameplay errors that lead to defeat, these features help them overcome these challenges. Playing ranked games is crucial to your success, and our script ensures that you do not lose matches unnecessarily.

With InsanityLeague Script, you can automate your actions and movements, which allows you to save time and become more efficient in the game. The League of Legends dodge script and wallhack features assist you in evading enemy attacks and finding advantageous positions for attacking yourself.

Furthermore, our League script includes advanced features such as aimbots and radars, which enable faster, more accurate aiming, as well as the tracking of enemy positions in real-time.
League of Legends has implemented robust security systems to detect and ban cheaters. Players who are caught using cheats or hacks will face severe consequences. It is extremely important for players to understand that the use of LoL cheats is strictly prohibited and may result in severe consequences. We are not tolerated by game developers.

InsanityLeague Script is entirely undetectable, which allows it to safely be used in ranked matches without fear of repercussions.

It is ultimately the player’s decision whether or not to use cheats or hacks in video games, and it carries long-term consequences. When considering whether to use cheats such as InsanityLeague Script, players must carefully weigh the risks and benefits.

Users reviews



You have to use the best lol evade script that offers 6 awesome features to help the players who are tired of losing all ranked games because of AFK and trolls.

With this LoL hack tool, you will be able to predict all spells, dodge them, use the best combos but also AutoSmite, AutoHeal, AutoIgnite and many more..

Using our League of Legends cheat is safe because that it has been updated for over the past 2 years to make sure all the users get the best lol script free of risks.


Other League scripts won’t allow you to evade. Our lol scripting tool does it better than anyone else !

You can dodge all spells and benefit of the best features.

InsanityLeague scripting also improves all your mechanics by providing you the best features.

It’s easy to setup, we provide all the instructions for it. You can also ask for help on our Discord.


Our script LoL uses the best reliable anti-cheat bypass. No detection at all. Only players can report you.


Check out our Discord for gameplays to see it in action.

Time to up your game

Enhance your League of Legends experience by taking your scripting to the next level with InsanityLeague.
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